Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Halloween spells

Pumpkin seeds and carrot tops
Bones of skeletons and warlocks mops
Ghastly howls and the screams of a troll
May you find a goblin in your cereal bowl.

Wings of bats and chicken gizzards
Eyes of snakes and tails of lizards
Navels of apes and a witch's sneeze
May all the corns from your toes reach your knees

Teeth of crocodiles and knees of goats
Tongues of frogs and warts of toads
Elbows of flies and a werewolf's fang
May bats upside down from your armpits hang

Tops of toadstools and poison oak
Goblins slippers and Dracula's cloak
A black cat's fur and roast of mutton
May tulips sprout from your belly button

Mosquito stingers and those of bees
The nips and bites of a thousand fleas
Ears of lambs and a buffalo's nose
May an army of red ants invade your toes

Zebra stripes and leopard spots
Rattlesnakes all tied up in knots
May spinach, turnip, and a lima bean
Be all you get on Halloween.